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                      What is RoHun Therapy: Heal & Transform Life's Negatives

What is RoHun Therapy? Simply put, RoHun Therapy is an interpersonal therapy focusing on exploring the soul within the unconscious mind. Our team from Synchronicity New York views RoHun Therapy as one of the most rapid forms of emotional healing and therapy one can do.

Similar to the concepts outlined in treatments like womb regression therapy, RoHun treatment works to help individuals resolve significant, and past events believed to interfere with their present mental and emotional wellness.

The body tracks and holds virtually every emotional trauma we experience. As time goes on, this can create emotional blocks of energy stored in chakras in the body, each with its own life force. By decoding these chakras, RoHun Therapy helps reveal a client’s inner struggles and soul’s journey through various identified stages and levels of consciousness.

What are chakras? Anyone who has attended a guided yoga class will be familiar with chakras. Literally speaking, chakra comes from a Sanskrit word translated as “wheel or disk.” In chakra energy healing, the term refers to a spiritual energy center within the body. We have seven chakras dispersed along the spine, through the neck, and at the crown of the head.

Unlike treatments such as womb regression therapy or Reiki, RoHun Therapy sessions at Synchronicity New York helps clients extract unhealthy elements using mental and emotional chakra energy healing.

This process engages the conscious mind to experience revelations of a client’s creativity and intuitive intelligence stored within the unconscious. As a result, one of the most significant benefits of RoHun Therapy is the promotion of optimal well-being and behavior, contributing to a peaceful evolution of an individual.

What are the Benefits of RoHun Therapy?

The challenge in healing deep-rooted issues commonly relates to traditional psychotherapy and its focus on enlightening the mind. Consequently, what is an individual to do when they require a transcendence of ego working on the soul’s level to heal truly?

Many clients seek alternative resolution methods, going as far as possible with traditional psychotherapy. But unfortunately, they often find themselves wanting answers as they struggle with many of the same challenges they faced before visiting a conventional psychotherapist.

RoHun purification involves rapid-acting psychotherapy and specialized service that works within an individual’s energy system to help them release emotional blocks. As a result, clients can break down these walls to heal emotional wounds on a deeper, soul level.

One of the many benefits of RoHun therapy is that the treatment compliments spirituality or belief in a higher being that a client may hold. In addition, RoHun purification forces individuals to face their fears while developing compassion and releasing negative emotions.

Finally, the process enables clients to remove faulty, negative thinking and forgive themselves and others for living freely on their own terms. As a result, they can better give and receive love while attracting healthier individuals and opportunities in their lives.

How Does the RoHun Therapy Process Work?

The first stage of RoHun is called RoHun Purification. This stage focuses on purifying and transforming the “victim” aspect (a part of an individual that went through trauma in this life or past lives) of the self.

Synchronicity New York delves into the energy of each chakra and the unconscious mind to discover a client’s emotionally reactive self and faulty thinking. Through this process of chakra energy healing, RoHun Therapy in New York changes these patterns.

Some other notable benefits of RoHun Therapy include:

  • Balancing male and female energy
  • Releasing the “self-critical judge” that lives within us
  • Initiating the “Higher Self”

By the end of RoHun Therapy, most individuals feel revitalized, rejuvenated, and fully alive. However, this doesn’t mean that RoHun is the end-all to every life problem. Instead, RoHun provides the valuable foundation that many need to help them deal with the low or upset points that trigger during life, enabling individuals to shorten trials and tribulations while learning and growing from each situation.

How is RoHun Different from Reiki?

Reiki energy healing and RoHun Therapy both focus on breaking down walls. When wondering what is RoHun Therapy vs. Reiki energy healing, it’s important to remember that although the goals are similar, each method provides some distinct differences.

Reiki energy healing focuses on energy stagnance in the body where physical energy or emotional pain occurs. Unfortunately, energy blockage can result in physical illness over time.

Energy medicine like Reiki aims to help encourage energy flow while similarly removing blockages to acupuncture and acupressure treatment. Improving this flow enables relaxation, relieves pain, expedites healing, and reduces various other symptoms related to illness.

Why RoHun Therapy from Synchronicity?

A simple search for “RoHun Therapy near me” can uncover a plethora of various providers near a searcher's area. This leaves the question: Why choose Synchronicity for RoHun Therapy in New York?

RoHun Therapy provides clients with a magical inner journey, helping them to discover and achieve their greatest selves. The alchemical secret to RoHun is self-empowerment through love and wisdom, enlightened thoughts and feelings, and connecting individuals with their spirit and higher self.

The Synchronicity approach also helps clients forgive themselves and others while releasing the past and clearing faulty thoughts or emotions that can attract negative thoughts or people. Through RoHun, individuals can heal deep mental and emotional issues and open their hearts to give better and receive love.

Do you wonder, “What is RoHun Therapy?” or “What are chakras?” Are you interested to know more about what exploring RoHun Therapy can do for you? You could search for RoHun Therapy near me and find any other practitioner or seek out Synchronicity.

Our specialist, Michael from Synchronicity, has been a certified RoHun practitioner since 2004, guiding hundreds of clients through the successful RoHun process.

As a metaphysician practitioner and a master mediator, he loved tuning into people on their spiritual path and looking to speed their evolution. By helping clients to remove emotional and mental blocks in their chakras, these individuals are now free to connect with the elevated portions of their consciousness far easier while living their lives from a position of well-being and tranquility.

RoHun is an ideal method to assist survivors of abuse, individuals who struggle with control issues, anger management needs, fear, anxiety, shame, insecurity, guilt, and more. The best part about what RoHun can provide is that what might typically take years to uncover, a RoHun practitioner can often resolve in a few sessions.

With this in mind, searching for “RoHun Therapy near me” may not provide the ideal results. So instead, learn more about what RoHun from Synchronicity and our caring, dedicated team can do for you by contacting us today.

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