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                      Reiki: What Is It and The Health Benefits

February 22.2022
By: Marcus Feighery Reiki Master & NYSMT
CEO of Synchronicity


Reiki: What Is It and The Health Benefits | Synchronicity Brewster NY

Reiki, and accompanying reiki symbols, are used to treat the entire person: mind, body, and spirit. This form of energy healing has become popular around the world, especially with clients who report not being able to find any other relief from traditional medication or therapy. If you live in the Brewster, Carmel, Mahopac area of New York or Danbury, Bethel, Ridgefield, Connecticut and have been thinking of trying a more holistic approach to treating your emotional and physical ailments, Synchronicity uses remedies and techniques that aim to improve both your physical and metaphysical balance.

If you should search for “reiki healing near me”, Synchronicity will appear as one of the top-rated reiki massage and reiki healing locations in the area, and for good reason. Our reiki healing masters trace their training lineage back to the founder of reiki healing and have channeled spiritually guided energy into people from all walks of life suffering from a wide range of spiritual and bodily illnesses. But before you schedule your appointment, take the time to learn what reiki is and why so many people swear by its power with this informative article.

What Is Reiki

Reiki is one of the most fascinating methods of energy healing. The father of spiritual reiki healing was a Japanese citizen by the name of Mikao Usui (1865 - 1926). His pupils have gone on to teach the practice to others, eventually working their way to our Reiki masters at Synchronicity. Usui was a strong proponent of connecting people to the universal life force that permeates the world and directing that energy into a person for spiritual and physical healing. Descended from the noble Chiba clan of Hatamoto samurai, Usui was raised as a boy to be a samurai himself and grew up in the culture of Shugendō mysticism practicing psychic healing and repellence of misfortune. He would travel the world as an adult, studying other cultures and religions until eventually developing what is known as reiki today atop Mount Kurama in 1914.


Reiki, as Mikao Usui taught, is an attunement, using the Reiki energy to make adjustments in your chakras and energy systems to link your energy with the universal Reiki energy. Reiki itself is a portmanteau combining the two words Rei and Ki. Rei meaning “Spiritually Guided”, and Ki meaning “Energy”. Reiki, therefore, translates to Spiritually Guided Energy. Connecting to the Universal Life Force as Usui called the life-giving energy present throughout the world, a reiki healing master can channel that force into any person, place, or thing to bring regeneration to the mind and body, harmonizing both to the ever-present good energy of the cosmos. Reiki is a hands-on healing method, which is why it is sometimes referred to as reiki massage.

Reiki Near Me: How Reiki Massage Is Performed At Synchronicity In Brewster, NY

There is a lot of literature on the subject of Reiki and its history, which you are encouraged to research and explore. Should you choose to come to our wellness center at Synchronicity, you will experience a reiki massage as it was originally practiced by Mikao Usui in Japan, and feel firsthand the glowing radiance that encompasses you as it’s channeled out of the ether and regenerates your body and spirit.


Our reiki master and teacher, Marcus, is also a licensed New York state massage therapist. When performing your healing attunement, Marcus works with the Ascended Masters, Master Reiki Guides, and communication from you to locate blockages and old belief patterns that no longer serve your highest good. Marcus then uses the Reiki Master symbols to enter deep into the client's psyche to remove these outworn belief patterns and blockages. By reaching into those areas where the blockages are occurring and removing them energetically, your Reiki Master expert will then fill the areas the blockages were located with the divine healing energy of the Universal Life Force. People have reported feeling much lighter and less negative after this service. Other reported benefits of reiki that clients have been reporting for over a hundred years are healing to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues of any kind.

Marcus J. Feighery, Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive

Marcus has been a practitioner of Reiki and other energy healing techniques for over 25 years. He has been teaching reiki to students for more than 16 years. Marcus is also the owner of Synchronicity and has been healing clients spiritually and physically at the Synchronicity location in Brewster, New York, since its opening in 2006. As a licensed massage therapist in the state of New York, Reiki Master Marcus often works with hospices throughout the state, helping hundreds of people and their families find a new approach to healing that provides comfort when most traditional medicines don’t.


With his experience, you can regain your healthy Chi (energy) to your energy field and feel better again inside and out, gaining newfound productivity of spirit and bodily wellbeing to live life to its fullest. Marcus is a three-time Reiki Master Teacher in Usui, Tibetan, and Karuna Reiki traditions and studied under William Lee Rand in the US and Stonehenge in the UK.


Reiki Master Marcus offers sessions to clients in a range of services. You can trust his skill and power to provide excellent reiki energy healing, chakra alignment, psychic surgery, and healing attunements. You can find pricing on sessions for these alternative approaches to healing, as well as read reviews from many satisfied patients of Synchronicity by clicking here

Reiki Symbols

This article has mentioned the use of reiki symbols as part of the reiki healing techniques used at Synchronicity, and they are a powerful element of strengthening positive energy flows as well as projecting them to different locations. Only someone who has been attuned to reiki by a Reiki Master like Marcus can use the Reiki Symbols as it is part of the reiki tradition that they are kept secret out of respect.  It has been noted that the symbols have no power unless the person using them has been attuned by a Reiki Master.  This is because when a person has been attuned to the symbols by a Reiki Master, the symbols make adjustments in that person’s chakras and energy field to channel reiki. However, we can discuss these symbols without breaking tradition.  After being attuned you can even direct your reiki energy to specific circumstances in your life to generate better outcomes. These symbols help to make your mind and body aware of the reiki energy to change how it functions. By visualizing these reiki symbols, speaking their names out loud, or drawing them, they become activated and obedient to the intentions you assign to them. These are secret reiki symbols that only a trained Master like Marcus knows about and used in his healing and thought to students who are interested in learning Reiki One, Reiki Two, Advanced Reiki Training and Reiki Master teacher classes at Synchronicity in Brewster New York or any place outside New York and worldwide online.  Below are the names and a brief description of some of the symbols used in a reiki healing session and thought in Marcus’ reiki classes.


Cho Ku Rei

Symbolizing Power, the image associated with Cho Ku Rei is a coil. It represents a transfer of power through your body, both increasing and diminishing. People using reiki will often visualize the Cho Ku Rei to channel greater forces of energy into the spirit or body, and is therefore used primarily at the beginning of a reiki session or the end of the session to seal in the healing. You can try visualizing it in your mind yourself to ward off aches and pains, burns, cuts, or other painful injuries. The Cho Ku Rei is similarly used to strengthen bonds with friends, family, and business associates. Try picturing the coil symbol in your mind and thinking about the intent you want for it before a big job interview, date, or on trips with loved ones to promote safe, happy, and successful outcomes.


Sei He Ki

Translating into the phrase, "God and man become one," the symbol for sei he Ki can be a wave about to crash or a bird’s wing. It functions primarily as a harmony symbol but can be used for protection against negative energy and misfortune, as well. The sei he Ki promotes a better balance of your emotional and overall mental state and the left and right sides of the brain. The sei he Ki is a powerful purification tool to expel bad energy so that the positive energy can fill its place.


Because the sei he Ki symbol works so effectively at improving your mental state, it can have many positive effects on your cognitive abilities. Students in school who are familiar with reiki symbols draw the wave crest or bird’s wing to retain more information when studying, or just before taking a test. The common practice for visualizing sei he ki instead of drawing is to imagine it sitting on top of your head. This symbol’s power can have astonishing effects in helping you to quit bad habits like smoking, too. This is not surprising, as what is reiki used for in part but to expel negative energy? Bad habits such as overeating and in other forms are often caused by negative body images and low self-esteem, all of which can manifest themselves outwardly in the body. Reiki healing then draws in positive energy which likewise encourages healing to the body, and utilizing the sei he ki symbol is a powerful tool in helping it do so.


You can try drawing or visualizing the sei he ki symbol yourself at home for many things related to the mind and head. This only works if you are attuned to the symbol or during a reiki healing treatment where the reiki practitioner uses the symbol on the client. One of the leading causes of headaches is stress - another form of negative energy - which the sei he ki is very effective at reducing or eliminating altogether. Even your goals in life, or simple resolutions you make for yourself, can find increased motivation to achieve inside of you by using this powerful symbol.


Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

Meaning, "no past, no present, no future," this is one of the most powerful symbols used to transmit Reiki energy forward into time and space. It is used to temper future events with positive energy in case you expect them to go bad, but it can also be used to reshape the past in a way to make it more beneficial to you. What that means is bad experiences from the past can be used to affect positive change in yourself, and be directed in a way that makes new experiences ahead of you turn out good. A Reiki Master will use the hon sha ze sho nen symbol to allow it to protect you in all of your future endeavors.


The symbol used is a spelling out of the words in characters of its native language. Another translation of hon sha ze sho nen is, “correct thought,” which is to say a positive way of thinking about the past and outlook on the future to become one with the reiki energy flowing through time and space. It is important for the client and the Reiki Master to both focus on the intent of correcting emotional wrongs of the past as well as inviting good things in the future while Reiki Master visualizes the symbol working with the client’s energy field during a Reiki healing session.


Dai Ko Myo

Known as the Master Symbol, dai ko myo translates to, “bright shining light.” It is the highest vibration among the Reiki symbols as well as the most sacred and powerful. It has the power to bring you closer to the divinity of the Universal Life Force and is used to heal the chakras, the aura, and the soul. It can both nourish and enlighten the soul, providing you with ultimate balance emotionally, which also helps to heal all injuries and illnesses.


The symbol can be drawn in the characters of its native language or visualized to activate it. An important illustration of its power is that it often gives people the strength not only to help themselves but to help others, showing them how to best do so with increased enlightenment.



The “fire serpent,” used by Reiki Masters to discharge the negative energy they have absorbed out of clients safely, much as a grounding cable works for electricity. The symbol itself reflects this, drawn as a lightning bolt figure, or a serpentine-like character. The last of the reiki symbols used at the end of a reiki healing session to align the chakras .


We sell many products designed to awaken the soul and allow it to blend into synchronistic harmony with the universe. We also offer reiki healing to people suffering from emotional and physical ailments, as well as teaching Reiki to future practitioners. Visit our store in Brewster, New York, or shop online and make an appointment for your reiki massage session at





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