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Selenite Tumbled

 It can help in expanding your awareness and contacting your Spiritual guides and Angels. Rubbing the stone may help you enter in the realm of dreams, Intuition and in a meditative state. Selenite can be placed on the 3rd Eye Chakra to increase telepathic abilities. The insight it provides is valuable in any healing treatment.

The soft, calming energy of selenite is perfect for setting intentions and creating a sacred space. This beautiful crystal connects you with the highest vibrations of Angelic realm and the Divine Feminine. Tumbled selenite is wonderful for clearing and charge other stones, as well as absorbing negative energy. It radiates peace and benevolence.

Selenite amplifies the properties of other stones and can be used to create a powerful grid for your home or sacred space. It is also an excellent worry stone - simply hold it in your hand during meditation or times of stress to dissipate fears and worries.

Selenite is a beautiful, translucent mineral that has been used for centuries for its spiritual properties. When tumbled and polished, selenite retains its natural energy and produces calming, soothing vibes. It is said to be a stone of truth and can be used to facilitate communication with one's higher self. Meditating with selenite can help to clear the mind and connect with the Divine.

This lovely selenite tumble stone makes a wonderful addition to any crystal collection. Keep it near your bedside to enjoy its calming energy or carry it with you in your purse or pocket when you need a reminder of your connection to the Divine.

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