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Large White Sage Wand

White Sage is a powerful spiritual tool that has been used for centuries to clear energy and promote positive vibes. Burn sage in your home or office to create a sacred space for healing, meditation, and introspection. Sage can also be used to ward off negative energy and attract blessings into your life.

Sage is an amazing herb with a wide range of spiritual properties. It has been used for centuries by indigenous people for cleansing and clearing purposes. Sage is also known to promote wisdom, harmony, and balance.
When used for cleansing, sage can help to remove negative energy from your space and replace it with positive vibes. Simply burning sage in your home or office can help to clear the air and create a more calm and peaceful environment. Sage is also often used during meditation or shamanic journeying as it can help to open up the mind and facilitate spiritual growth.

Sage is an amazing and mystical plant that has been used for centuries for its spiritual properties.

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