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Simply Sacred I am spray

All made with pure essential oils & Genuine Semi-Precious Stones. Stones inside each bottle. How to manifest your desires using our 6 pack set of travel size sprays. No matter the practice you chose, from Mediation to Prayers. The passage below will briefly explain the planning and focus of each step and bottle. If you have difficulty manifesting, meditating or praying, this simple but effective method will assist you. Find a quiet space. Remember to breathe & give thanks after each of the 6 steps. Using the first spray -Smokeless Sage Smudge Spray. 1st- Clear your space of any unwanted energy, creating your sacred space. 2nd Spray -- The 7 Rays of Light -- Invite your your Archangels in to assist you with your desired outcome. 3rd Spray -- Unconditional Love -- Understand that your soul only recognizes "love", release anything that does not feel loving. 4th Spray, Scary Monsters No- More, Release the fear- Allow your fears to fade, recognize and release. Fear is -- False Energy Appearing Real. It can only exist if you allow it. It's not real. 5th Spray, Prosperity & Abundance- Declare your purpose by revealing your desires to the Universe. You are worthy. You are a child of the most highest energy. Say it- feel it surround and hold you. And finally step 6. The 6th Spray & final step -- THE ALMIGHTY "I AM". The affirmation in the series of 6. Everything you declare and say / write after the words "I AM", YOU ARE. Choose wisely. Example "I AM" Grateful, I AM -- Worthy, I AM on the right path. These 6 steps can transform your world. Series of six, 1 ounce travel set. Available in a travel case. Take them wherever you go. If you are pregnant or nursing some oils may be emmenogogues. The above should not replace any current medications you are currently taking. None of the health topics presented have been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Use with care on the skin and avoid when exposed to the sun or UV rays. Keep out of the Reach of Children. Avoid Contact with Eyes. Do not freeze or refrigerate. Keep at room temperature. Shake well. Statements made on this website are based on our own personal views concerning crystal gemstones and their properties. Our observations and conclusions may vary from your own. The statements made have not been evaluated by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). Products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.None of our statements or opinions are intended to replace conventional medicine. Always seek the advice of a qualified registered and certified medical professional. Globally sourced ingredients. Bottled in the USA.

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