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The Natural Way of Healing Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Is stress affecting your blood pressure, immune system, and overall health? Do you suffer from occasional anxiety, fears, sleepless nights, or depression? Do you worry about the side effects of tranquilizers and other drugs? Now you can take charge of your emotional and mental well-being with natural therapies that help you heal and stay well. This authoritative, caring guide—written by a team of licensed natural health practitioners—brings you holistic treatments for specific problems, without risks, side effects, or invasive techniques. Find out about:
· Yintang, the acupressure point for relieving tension headaches and eyestrain
· Homeopathic remedies for grief, worry, disappointment, shock, and headaches that accompany anger or sorrow
· Herbal bath preparations for stress
· Yoga postures that reduce anxiety
· Effective “nervines,” or herbal tranquilizers
· Essential oils for massage and bath that alleviate depression

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