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With the holiday season already upon us, everyone is searching for the perfect gifts for their family and friends. If you are looking for what to buy for the spiritual person in your life, look no further than Synchronicity! We have an incredible selection of spiritual and mystical items ranging from tarot cards to crystals, spell kits, and much more.

Finding a metaphysical store with everything you need in one place can be difficult but not on our Synchronicity website. Those interested in more than purchasing crystals and incense will be happy to know we also provide various services, including personal tarot reading, house cleansing, Reiki services, and educational mentorships.

Apparel & Fragrances

Our store has a selection of clothing and perfumes that you can incorporate into your spiritual practices. Our clothing and accessories include pants, shorts, bags, and fans. We also have bath and body products that make the perfect gift.

Harem Pants

Our clothing options include various styles of pants and shorts, such as our Elephant Print Harem Pants. These comfortable flowy pants are available in many colors, including cobalt blue, black, navy, forest green, cranberry red, and deep purple. These stylish pants have fun geometric patterns and decorated elephants.


The fresh and invigorating scent of Inis The Energy of the Sea is excellent for anyone with a unisex fragrance. This scent contains the essence of the ocean with hints of floral, citrus, and rich sandalwood base notes inspired by the idyllic west coast of Ireland. This fragrance inspires and refreshes the senses making this the ideal gift for a laid-back sea lover.


Those searching for more spiritual items will find a wide selection of scents, essential oils, incense, and other burnable elements essential for cleansing and protecting your spaces. Our sage, smudging, and cleansing products offer potent properties for removing negative energy from your home, office, and even relationships. We also provide house-clearing services if you need professional assistance.

Room Sprays

Herbal sprays such as our White Sage Spray are an excellent alternative for individuals who find smoke an issue in their living or work spaces. This spray contains white sage, an incredibly powerful and respected herb that Native Americans have used for centuries in ceremonies and rituals. You can use white sage to remove negative energy from the home (or other spaces) and invite positive energy. We also provide instructions on subjects like how to cleanse with sage properly or smudge your home to clear negative energy.

Essential Oils

We also have a wide selection of essential oils for aromatherapy, like our Frankincense Oil. This oil has a sweet yet woodsy aroma that promotes stress relief, mood enhancement, and even decongesting assistance. You can wear it in jewelry made for aromatherapy or directly applied to specific areas of the body, like the wrists or temples.


Crystals are incredibly popular for many uses, including intentional placements around the house or as jewelry for promoting specific vibes or energies. Crystals are more than beautiful chunks of rock; they serve various spiritual purposes ranging from cleansing and protection to improved concentration or even better sleep. You can wear crystals or place them intentionally to affect the wearer or those who enter your space positively.

Crystal Balls

We have many crystals in different shapes, including our Mini Crystal Sphere. This crystal ball is made of pure quartz and comes with a wooden stand. This crystal ball is nothing like the basic Halloween decorations that try to imitate it, and many consider them a powerful tool for mystics. The material and shape of these crystals are significant, promoting harmonious and healing energy. Those looking for more intense spiritual healing will benefit from our Reiki and meditation services available in person or virtually.


Incorporating crystals into wearable products is a powerful and convenient method of mobilizing your spiritual practices. The Synchronicity website has numerous crystal jewelry pieces ranging from necklaces to bracelets and anklets to rings and earrings. Whether you are looking for men's or women's jewelry, there is something for you. Our Men's Tiger Eye Bracelet offers properties of grounding and protection that is powerful and beautiful. We also have a gorgeous Amethyst Bracelet that you can wear to promote peaceful and calm energy. Amethyst elicits reverence globally and historically for its powerful spiritual properties making this bracelet essential for any crystal lover.


For beginners still deciding what items to use in their spiritual practice, you can shop on our Synchronicity website with specific intentions. This category offers a product selection for anything from astrology to protection to manifesting and more.

Spell Kits

Those looking to start their mystical journey with some help will benefit from our premade spell kits for many intentions, from healing to love to abundance, and money manifestation spell kits such as our Blessing Kit: Financial Growth. This kit has three blessed herbal candles you can burn to attract financial growth through prosperity and cleansing.

Candle Magic

We also have a selection of larger individual candles based on intention, like our Herbal Magic Pillars Peace candle. This Reiki energy-charged candle promotes a state of peacefulness enhanced by intentionally selected herbs, including myrrh, ginger root, vanilla, clove, and caraway seed. We have many other candles promoting joy, gratitude, courage, protection, and more!


Those looking for a holiday-themed gift will enjoy our selection of beautiful ornaments that can be hung as decoration anywhere, no matter what holiday you celebrate. These ornaments make the perfect meaningful gift for a loved one they will cherish for years. Ornament designs range from colorfully crafted butterflies to angel ornaments. Some have poetic inscriptions so you can find the perfect message to express your love.

Wood Ornaments

We have wood-carved ornaments like our Cardinal Wood Ornaments that feature four individual red cardinals. These red cardinals would contrast wonderfully with a green tree for those celebrating Christmas. No matter how or for what holiday you decorate using these ornaments, the pop of red will look great!

Meaningful Ornaments

Those wanting a more meaningful gift might like our Life is Beautiful Ornaments. These come in 14 varieties differing in design and inscriptions. There is something for every purpose, whether you're looking for a gift for a sister, mother, friend, or strong figure in your life.

Holiday gift shopping doesn't have to be challenging. Our Synchronicity website has everything you could need in one spot. Those that live near Brewster, New York, can visit our physical location or conveniently shop online so you can do your gift shopping from the comfort of your couch.

Our spiritual and mystic products would make the perfect present for the witchy friend in your life! Whether you need a kit for a money manifestation spell or sage for removing negative energy from your home, we have all you need right here, including educational information for baby witches that need guidance on anything from spells to how to cleanse with sage properly. Check out Synchronicity to enhance your body, mind, and soul!

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