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      If you are dedicated to transforming your life, and operating from your Higher Self, then Ro-Hun is the fastest and deepest method to speed that process up. It works with negative memories and destructive patterns in the unconscious mind that are stored in the first six energy chakras (the energy chakras are the centers in the body that absorb vitality from the universal energy field.)  Ro-Hun sessions are designed to be done in a series of 6 consecutive sessions, done weekly.  Each session opens the way for the next session.  As you release deep, negative patterns from the unconscious, you are also systematically building a pathway to the spiritual aspects of yourself.

First level: 
Ro-Hun Purification (6 sessions):
This is the first stage of Ro-Hun and is designed to purify and transform the “victim” aspect of yourself (the part of you that was hurt and/or abused in this life or past lives).  We delve into the energy of each of the chakras, through the unconscious mind, to discover “emotionally reactive selves” and “faulty thinking” and change those patterns.  We also do some other special processes including a balancing of the male and female energies, a release of the self-critical judge that lives inside us, and an initiation with the “Higher Self”.  At the end of this work you feel rejuvenated, vitalized and fully alive.  It is not that you will never have another issue in your life, but you will have a great process to deal with the upsets that get triggered in life so they do not last long and so you grow and learn from each situation.

6 Sessions, Each session is 90 min

Second level: 
Ro-Hun Shadow (6 sessions):
This deals with the part of you that has abused energy and power (abused others and also abused yourself).  In this work, we invariably discover many past life connections and heal them.  We go through each chakra looking for the shadow or darker aspects of ourselves.  In Ro-Hun, we call this part  “The Trickster”.  You can’t change your past abuses but you can alter the energy of them, make amends, and be free of that burden. By doing this you can reclaim your power again in a safe and effective way.  Ro-Hun Shadow is deep, amazing work and at the end of it you will feel renewed in a very powerful way. People have said it is truly transformative.

6 Sessions, Each session is 90 min


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