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10 Minute Negative Energy Clearing

Stop in for a 10 Minute Negative Energy Clearing Service only $20

Negative energy can drag us down and sap our strength, making life hard to handle. 

Let life energy (Chi) fill you with rejuvenation and balance.  At Synchronicity in Brewster, NY  we offer a quick clearing of negative energy to help restore your body's energetic harmony and flow. Our intuitive staff will perform psychic surgery to remove blockages from the chakras - these powerful transformers that regulate our bodies' energies - so you can feel recharged and free of sluggishness for only $20! Experience spiritual healing today: unlock inner strength, clarity & vitality by getting rid of old patterns holding back your Mind, Body & Soul! 



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Store Location 

  • 1511 Route 22, Unit #C6
  • Brewster, NY 10509
  • 845-363-1765