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Moon Magic: What Is It and Why Is It Performed?

The moon is a powerful source of energy. To those who practice moon magic, its cycles reflect those of earth, whether that be the cycles of humans, plants, or non-human animals.

Those who believe in the moon's power practice this type of celestial magic to influence their physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being. 

At Synchronicity in New York, we provide all the tools and resources you need to start practicing moon magic. Whether you want to learn how to manifest on a full moon or are looking for moon magic products, we have you covered.

Learn more about moon magic and why it is so powerful in this guide. Then, head to our online store to gather all the items you need to get started.

What Is Moon Magic?

Moon magic is a way to tap into the moon's energy to manifest goals and eliminate negativity in your life.

The moon's power waxes and wanes with its eight phases. Each phase comes with an associated energy. These different energies are useful for manifesting goals or eliminating negative vibes from your life.

The eight phases of the moon include:

  1. The dark moon, which promotes emotional wellness
  2. The new moon, which represents new beginnings
  3. The waxing crescent moon, which symbolizes action
  4. The first quarter moon, which embodies unity and the word "yes"
  5. The waxing gibbous moon, which brings clarity
  6. The full moon, which is a time for celebration
  7. The waning gibbous moon, which brings time for reflection
  8. The last quarter moon, which stands for letting go and the word "no"

You can perform moon magic spells during each of the phases of the moon. For more information, check out books on moon magic, like Moonology by Yasmin Roland.

How Do You Perform Moon Magic?

You can use all eight phases of the moon to make positive alterations to your life and cut away negative influences. Yet, beginners may find it a challenge to sync with all eight phases. Instead, focus on the most powerful moon phases.

The full moon is the most powerful phase. But is it good to manifest on a full moon? Yes, full moons and new moons are often the best times to manifest your goals and desires.

Here's what to do on a full moon manifestation. Note that this process also works for new moon manifestation spells.

The first step is to set your intentions. Consider setting an altar to the moon. Incorporate candles, incense, and elements of water and air, as well as a personal item to reflect your intentions.

Next, clear your mind and meditate on your intention. Supplement your meditation with smudging if you would like, especially if you need to cleanse yourself of negativity.

Finally, it's time to cast your spell. You can call on helper spirits, the moon goddess, or even your ancestors for assistance.

How to Manifest on a Full Moon

Manifesting during a full moon is a powerful time to bring passion, healing, and strength to your body. In a more practical sense, full moons are also ideal for manifesting love, dreams, and knowledge.

As mentioned, full moons are also a time for celebration. Give thanks for your accomplishments, especially those you've achieved since the last full moon. It is also a great time to incorporate a full moon spell, such as a full moon money spell.

Full moon money spells are best when performed outside in the moonlight. Gather a clear mason jar filled with water, a quarter, a bell, and a candle. Light a candle and meditate on your financial intentions under the full moon.

When your intention is clear in your mind, place the quarter in a jar full of water. Allow the quarter to settle to the bottom of the glass. Then, adjust the glass (or yourself) so that the moon reflects onto the quarter's surface.

Look at the reflection of the moon in the quarter and ring your bell three times. After the third ring, speak your intention. Leave the quarter in the glass until the next full moon or as long as it takes for your wish to come true.

How to Manifest on a New Moon

New moons are the time to manifest goals for the future. It is time to plant the seeds for a new business idea, enter a new romance, or begin a new wellness routine.

If a full moon is a time to look back on accomplishments, a new moon is time to look forward. This makes it a great time to perform new moon money manifestation spells, too.

Since you are manifesting for the future, consider performing a new moon candle ritual. Gather a piece of paper, a pen, and a candle. Write down anything you see potentially blocking your financial goals.

Sit outside under the new moon and light the candle. Burn the paper you've written on to encourage those blocks to release so that your financial intentions have room to manifest fully.

Are you searching for more rituals to manifest your deepest desires? Everyday Moon Magic by Dorothy Morrison has over 140 different spells to try. 

Synchronicity's Moon Magic Supplies

We hope you understand now how to manifest on a full moon and a new moon. These powerful rituals can help you achieve your goals and eliminate roadblocks along the way.

As you progress on your lunar journey, incorporate more phases of the moon to increase your chances of success even further.

At Synchronicity, we provide products to heal your mind, body, and soul. You can stop by our store in Brewster, New York or shop online for all the moon magic tools and resources you need to start using moon magic.

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