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For over 20 years I have been able to hear messages from spiritual guides from the Higher Realms. As I have deepened my spiritual practice these messages got clearer and came from many sources including spiritual guides, the angelic realm, the ascended masters, etc. These beings from the Higher Realms look at your life from a spiritual perspective and see the larger picture. They can access all the records of you including other lifetimes as well as your experiences in the spiritual realms after physical death.

Higher mind communication- 1/2 hour  

In this process I will focus on teaching you a process where you can raise your vibration and begin to access your soul’s vibration and ask questions of your higher mind. You will get a recording so you can repeat the process and practice at home.


Spiritual Journey meditation- 1/2 hour

In this process I will lead you on a journey into the spiritual realms so you can experience yourself as a higher consciousness and all the bliss and tranquility that awaits there. This can be a transformational experience.  

Michael is available by phone


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