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How to Manifest Money and Abundance during a Full Moon
November 3, 2020
By: Marcus
Full moons create strong energies and opportunity to manifest and attract your desires, Full moons get your creative vibes flowing.

What you will need:

One Prosperity Candle (pillar and votives available in store and online here)

One Inner Balance candle (pillar and votives available in store and online here)

One Ancestor Candle (pillar and votives available in store and online here)

Large bowl with water

Half silver dollar (or quarter)

On the full moon, face the silver coin to the moon to capture it’s reflection. Place the coin in the large bowl with water and position it outside or near a window you can see the moon through. Place the Prosperity, Inner Balance and Ancestor candles around the bowl and light them. Speak aloud the prosperity you want then visualize the full moon energy charging the water.

Sample of what you could say: “Pregnant moon full of power, flow to me a prosperity shower. Fill this reflection of your fullest face with abundance overflowing and financial grace. My wishes spoken, so they will be. You magic fills me up times three.”

Meditate on the full moon energy and when you are done extinguish the candles, bottle the water for future magical use and place the coin where you can carry it every day. Relight the candles every day until they are gone to complete the full moon magic spell. (spell by Patty Shaw, creator of this line of magical candles)

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