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How do you Sage or Smudge your Home to Clear Negative Energy?
October 19, 2020
By: Marcus
Using Sage to Clear Your Space

Are you looking to lift the energy in your space? Have you heard of Smudging or Saging yourself or your home? Below is our easy-to-follow method of ridding your space of unwanted energies. Unwanted energy can consist of any form of energy from residuals left behind from others, stagnant energy from clutter, lower vibrations due to someone’s angry mood, or from spirit activity.

Brief History:

Sage and other herbs and resins have been used throughout ancient times by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, and the Indigenous Americans for various purposes. The spiritual practice of burning sage (smudging) to cleanse and purify the body, spirit, and space and ward off negative energies or spirits are derived from, inspired by, and loosely based on Native ceremonies.

What You’ll Need:


Sage Stick


Vessel for burning Sage in (Optional: Abalone Shell)

Tool for Fanning (Optional: Feather)

One stick of Incense (Frankincense, Myrrh or Dragon’s blood are good choices)

To begin:

  1. Open windows, doors to all rooms, and closets, as well as your front and back door. Some trapped energy needs an escape route. Turning some fans on is a good idea to keep the air moving. Be mindful of the possibility of falling embers. Never leave the smudge stick unattended and be careful not to inhale too much smoke. Keep in mind that smoke can irritate your pets as well. There are other smokeless options to cleanse space.
  2. Gather your tools in a central space, such as the kitchen. Decide on mantras or prayers that you would like to repeat throughout the process.
  3. Begin by lighting your candle and calling in your guides, protectors, angels, etc. and state your intention for this cleansing. For example: “I call upon my guides, angels, ascended masters, and family that has passed on to aid me in the clearing of my space and to protect me, my family and home by removing unwanted energies and surrounding me and filling my space with God’s healing light, the energy of love and many blessings.”
  4. Light your smudge stick by holding it at an angle and allowing the flame to burn the top of the stick for a good 10-15 seconds. Blow out the flame and see the top of the dried herbs burning orange. Smoke will begin to billow.
  5. Carefully move the sage around from top of your head to underneath your feet. A feather can help fan the smoke. State an intention such as “All unwanted energies must go into he earth to be transmuted.”
  6. Slowly head to the front door and step outside. Facing the door, smudge the entire doorway by following the frame. Repeat a mantra or prayer you are comfortable with such as “Only light and love are allowed in my home. All other energies must return to the light to be transmuted.” Step into the home and slowly walk around the perimeter of each room as best you can, spending an extra second at the corners of the ceilings and wafting it in to areas such as closets and shower/tubs. It is common to use an abalone shell to catch any falling embers. You do not need to worry about covering every little area, as you will find the smoke spreads. You can spend around 10 seconds in each room. Using a feather makes fanning the smoke into the closets and small spaces much easier and safer. Feathers are not necessary, but they do help move the energy and you can feel the difference especially when saging your aura field. Try to spend an extra moment around beds. We spend many hours in bed and much energy can remain in these areas.
  7. Make your way back to your central space and extinguish your stick in your abalone shell (or any fire proof vessel), or in sand or step out side and dab it out in the dirt. It is best not to wet the sage as it may be difficult to light again. You can store your stick for future use.
  8. Many people as how often a space needs to be cleansed. That all depends on the amount of traffic your space experiences. Here in our store we sage everyday and before and after energetic healings and readings.
  9. After clearing your space, burn some incense to bless the area. Popular incenses used for protection are frankincense, myrrh and dragonsblood.

Need a smokeless option? Check out our clearing sprays! Follow the steps above.



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