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House Clearings
There is a Buddhist axiom that says, ‘A jug fills drop by drop’. The same can be said for the energy in our homes. Energy fills our homes drop by drop, and when that energy is negative it needs to be cleared. Where does this negative energy come from? Every person we come into contact with leaves an imprint on our energy field and on our surroundings. Negative thoughts, stress, and relationship issues all leave their imprint on us and our homes; and if your home had a previous owner their energy imprint remains.


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During a house clearing, Barry will do a walkthrough of your home, point out areas where negative energy is present, and share his intuitive information about any spirits who may be present in your home who need to be moved on. He will then smudge the home top to bottom with blessed sage or incense and use prayer, crystals, and energy healing techniques to clear your home of negativity and earthbound spirits. House clearings take between one and two hours, depending on the size of the home.

Barry is one of the top paranormal investigators in the Tristate area, and has been a consultant for the hit TV shows “Ghost Adventures” and ”Paranormal Survivor”. Barry has over a decade experience conducting paranormal investigations and clearing homes of negative energy and earthbound spirits.

One client said, “After over a decade of trying to ignore paranormal activity in our home, it became obvious that we had to do something about it – especially since the house was on the market. Barry conducted a full investigation and performed a house clearing. Within days of the clearing a bidding war ensued and the house sold at full bidding price!”

Barry’s house clearings are highly sought after, and his calendar fills up fast, so book today.

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