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Dream Visitations- How do you know they're real?
October 16, 2020
By: Marcus
How do you know when you’ve had a dream visitation from a loved one, or just a dream?

There are a number of ways that you could distinguish between the two. I’ll list a number of them here:

1) The dream will be vivid and the colors may be even brighter

2) Your awareness will be unusually high for a dream state

3) You’ll be able to think rationally and logically. You may even be able to control your actions.

4) During the dream, you may notice that it feels different than other dreams.

5) You could even feel as though you’re not dreaming.

6) You’re aware your loved one is “gone,” and you might even talk about this in the dream. Or they may talk about the fact that they are no longer with you in the physical.

7) The dream is coherent, and logical following a sequence. Even with a kind of skipping of scenes, they remain logical.

8) You become aware of your feelings and those of your loved ones.

9) You feel very real and so does your loved one or pet. Yes of course pets come through too!

10) The dream in general feels really good to you. You may even wake up feeling great.

11) Your touch sensation is heightened and it might feel like you’re actually touching them or an object in the dream.

12) You feel like you’re having an actual conversation, although you may be communicating telepathically during the dream.

13) They’ll give you a message or just generally tell you they’re ok.

14) Your loved one may appear younger (this goes for both people and pets). They could however appear at the age they were during passing, but at some point will usually show themselves as younger. They choose the age and appearance that is most recognizable to you.

15) They show themselves as healthy and free of pain, sickness or disability. If they show any illness, etc they will then show themselves as healthy so that you know that they’re ok.

16) They will most often communicate telepathically, not with only words, but with thoughts, feelings, and images.

17) You’ll wake up right away rather than go into a new dream.

18) Upon awakening you quickly realize it wasn’t just an ordinary dream.

19) Once awake, you could feel surprised because it was so real you could feel as though you were already awake while dreaming. That’s how real they could sometimes be.

20) You may even feel yourself leaving or entering your body.

21) Your hear could race when you awaken.

22) You’ll know it was real and actually happened, even if some doubt creeps in. On some level you just know.

23) You remember the dream clearly, for months and even years later.

You could experience all of these or just some. Do not dismiss them, they all count and can be a means of what you are meant to remember.

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