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Cleanse and Protect Your Energy & Health - Products to Help You Repel Energy Vampires

We have all heard of eating right, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and balancing work with personal life. However, one thing we may not always think about is our energy. If you have energy vampires in your life, it’s time to protect yourself, or it can take a significant toll on you. Use an energy-cleaning product to take care of the bad vibes in your life.

How to Recognize an Energy Vampire

An energy vampire is anyone in your life who drains your energy or replaces your positive energy with negative energy. Learn the common behaviors to identify any energy vampire in your life so you can take control.

1.   They use you

Energy vampires may take advantage of your good nature to get things for themselves without much of a sense of gratitude in return. You may offer time, energy, money, resources, a listening ear, and a kind heart, and they can take it all while

2.   They don’t take accountability

Because of their egotistic personalities and self-centeredness, energy vampires don’t take responsibility and blame others instead. They are cunning in their schemes to pass the guilt onto someone else and see themselves in a good light.

3.   They make excuses

Energy vampires will think of any and every excuse possible. A bad situation is never the fault or error of an energy vampire, there must be a reason, right?

4.   They victimize themselves

Energy vampires seek to boost themselves, even if it comes at the cost of putting others down. They accentuate their problems to look way out of proportion than it is for attention. To drain an abundant amount of energy from you, energy vampires will shift the attention from you to them. They may even lie or stretch the truth in doing so.

5.   They guilt trip

The guilt trip tactic is used so energy vampires can get what they want. Shame grabs people’s attention and moves them to do things, especially the compassionate.

6.   They criticize or insult.

Because of their insecurity, energy vampires will find ways to belittle you and can pick even the most minor things to hurl insults.

Products to Help You Repel Energy Vampires


Burning or spraying sage is a common holistic healing method. Burn sage in high-traffic areas to also diffuse the space. Sage is often used in ceremonies and rituals. Use this large sage wand to ward off bad energy and bring positive vibes. To have on hand with you at all times, it also comes conveniently in a spray bottle like this white sage spray.

When burning sage to ward off negative energy, open a window or door before lighting it up. The negative energy needs a pathway to clear out. Next, set your intention and say a mantra. Next, decide what it is you want to release from the space. Then, hold your sage at a 45-degree angle, and light it up using a match or burning candle to burn for about 20 seconds. Finally, blow out the flame so you see the orange embers. Guide the smoke and negative energy towards the opening so it can leave. If little embers fall on the ground, immediately stamp them out.

Palo Santo

Palo santo is a mystical tree with many healing properties to cleanse and purify. In addition, the wood burned releases a sweet, woodsy smoke that spreads to clear the atmosphere. Burn these palo santo wood sticks or use the palo santo spray as desired.

You can practice mindful breathing when cleansing with palo santo. There is no right or wrong way to do it, but you want to bring your mind to a state of clarity. Then, as you spread the palo santo candle, smoke, or spray, set your intention with just one word (whatever word you see fit for the environment at that moment).


Sprays come in handy when you can’t burn natural products and can be excellent for cars or small spaces. Use this chakra balance spray to clear and balance the chakra. Elevate your personal space with this ritual mist spray with spicy top notes in tropical citrus and floral base. For purification and balance, use the cedarwood spray.


Set a positive intention with candles. Use incense to clean the air. This blessed herbal needed change candle provides the atmosphere a cleans needed to invite positive change. Add more positive energy to your life with the positive energy candle.

When using candles to remove bad vibes, you can dim your lights. You can use multiple candles or just one. To spread it around, go clockwise around the room, or you can leave it on and burn it as you use the space.


Black Tourmaline, Jet, and Obsidian are examples of stones that ward off bad energy. High-vibration stones that bring light and positive energy into space or within a person are stones like Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Selenite, Amethyst, etc. Take out the dark energy and bring in inner healing. Crystals are one of the most popular energy-cleansing products.


Synchronicity is a big proponent of spiritual hygiene. Don’t let energy vampires stick around in your life by sucking out all your energy. As an energy healing store, we advocate for people to take control by using the right products to freshen their environment and invite positive energy into their lives. Check out any energy cleansing products listed to see what works for you and your space.


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