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All You Need To Know About Third Eye Activation

The Third Eye is an important concept in many eastern religions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and Zen, and even in prominent esoteric movements of the west like Theosophy. Third eye activation is the gateway to a spiritual awakening and higher consciousness, which will lead to visions, precognition, and out-of-body experiences, all of which are meant to connect you to the supreme energy ruling over the universe. For those wondering how you activate your third eye, there are many techniques, some using tools we sell at our Synchronicity store located in Brewster, New York. This article will explain those methods, as well as what happens when you activate your third eye and reach the highest plain.

Third Eye Activation - Bodily Location Of The Third Eye

A part of third eye activation through some methods requires you to know where on the body the third eye is located. For the Hindus and Buddhists, the third eye is around the middle forehead area, above the junction of the eyebrows. Taoists and Zen practitioners locate the third eye between the eyebrows, just above the bridge of the nose. In Ayurvedic philosophy and with many adherents to the theosophist movement, the third eye is associated with the pineal gland, a tiny pine-cone shaped gland that is a part of the vertebrate brain and near the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. The pineal gland is very misunderstood by modern scientists but has been revered for centuries by several cultures around the world, especially as a mechanism for seers and prophets to connect with the divinity and achieve higher consciousness and foresight. The symbol for the Eye of Horus even seems to place the eye in the corresponding location for the human pineal gland. Studies have shown that the pineal gland is where melatonin is released in the brain to control your circadian rhythm, as well as sex hormones, and maybe N, N-dimethyltriptamine, or what is known among most people as DMT. In Hindu religious beliefs, the sixth chakra, known as Ajra, is the third eye, and third eye activation is recommended to be the final chakra awoken by a person as it leads to a direct link with the Brahaman, or ultimate reality. According to these teachings, how do you activate your third eye is a spiritual endeavor, as the Hindus believe the Ajra to be a spiritual organ without physical characteristics. Some theosophists, however, believe third eye activation involves spiritual awakening and physical-chemical releases from the pineal gland. Some believe that the third eye was once an actual organ somewhere on the head, but has atrophied throughout human evolution.

How Do You Activate Your Third Eye

Your other primary chakras must be first activated before third eye activation, according to many people. It works as a grounding to better handle the deep insights you would gain, which without the necessary stability could harm your understanding of them. When you have completed the necessary preliminary steps, how you activate your third eye is then about purification and strengthening beforehand. Proper diet, sun gazing, meditation, and crystals have been the favored tools for facilitating third eye activation.
  • Diet - some of the recommended foods to eat before opening the third eye include goji berries, star anise, garlic, lemon, hemp seeds, cilantro, ginseng, and honey. Applying essential oils can also detoxify your third eye and make it stronger, such as jasmine and sandalwood.
  • Sun Gazing - sun gazing can improve clarity, boost energy, and increase your ability for spiritual connection. These are all characteristics associated with what happens when you activate your third eye, so it has been theorized that it helps the third eye itself to stir into wakefulness. Staring directly at the sun can be dangerous, so it is recommended to only practice sun-gazing in the sunset and sunrise hours when the sun is shining less intensely.
  • Meditation - using meditation in combination with chanting is a common method for how do you activate your third eye. The chanting is believed to cause vibrations that lead to the pineal gland, stirring it into releasing chemicals, as well as waking the third eye. Try repeating the word “om” to increase those vibrations and direct them to the proper areas.
  • Crystals - Crystals are another tool that has been long used as an ally in third eye activation. Their healing and regenerative properties are thought to aid in its awakening. The kinds of crystals most used are any in the purple or indigo colors, especially amethysts, sapphires, tourmalines, rhodonites, and sodalites. If you’re wondering how do you activate your third eye most efficiently with crystals, it works better to place them on your forehead or between the eyebrows while meditating and chanting - this directs their energies towards your third eye instead of allowing them to spread to other areas.

What Happens When You Activate Your Third Eye

People have reported several metaphysical effects once they have achieved third eye activation. For some, they experience lucid dreaming and astral projection, others may find clairvoyant abilities as well as telepathic communication. Almost everyone feels a deeper connection to the universe as well as an understanding of causes and effects. What happens when you activate your third eye will most come down to the preparations you have done beforehand and the time you put in to facilitate your spiritual awakening.

Synchronicity In Brewster, New York

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