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What are the Akashic Records?
August 27, 2020
By: Michael
The Akashic Records are the imprints of everything that has happened in all parts of the Universe. Similarly, your own personal Akashic Records are the recording of your personal history, both in this lifetime and past lifetimes. It records not only the events, but the feelings and thoughts associated with those events. Just like a DVD records all the images and sounds of a movie, the Akashic Records are an imprint of the story of you. You can access the Akashic Records through your energy field or aura. You need to vibrate at a high enough frequency to be able to access the records and read them. This is something you can be taught. Meditation is a great way to raise your frequency and this will help you be able to begin to access the Akashic Records.

The Akasha Keepers are the beings of light who open up the records and make them available. They are guides that help interpret what is found and only show you what is important for your highest good, what will help you on your path.

The purpose of an Akashic reading is not to predict the future but to help you with the direction of your future. It creates a blueprint to help you take your next, natural steps in a progression of growth and ascension into your higher consciousness. It helps you lift the veils of illusion and false identification with the narrower aspects of self and helps you see your blind spots. A reading helps support and verify your own intuition and reveals your true nature and provides clarity, direction and healing.



Michael does Akashic Record Readings at Synchronicity both at the store and virtually online.

Michael has been reading the Akashic Records for people for over 10 years. As a metaphysician Practitioner and a master mediator, he loves to tune into people who are on the spiritual path and looking to speed up their evolution. By reading someone’s Akashic Records he can help them get a spiritual perspective on challenges and directions in their life to help them make choices that are in alignment with their soul’s purpose and their natural gifts.

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