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FREE MEDITATION: Chakra Alignment Meditation with Clearing and Healing

The class commences with an introduction to the essential energy systems in which the seven main chakras play a vital role. Marcus's thirty plus years shines through as he explains valuable knowledge into the significance and functions of these energy centers. As the class unfolds, Marcus employs his healing abilities to release negative stagnant energy built up in your physical and energetic body over the years. This helps to release any stagnant or harmful energies paving the way for a renewed sense of wholeness and vitality. The heart of the session centers on a deeply meditative experience focused on the chakras. Marcus expertly guides you through this meditation, allowing you to connect with each chakra's unique energy and purpose. As you immerse yourself in this meditative journey, you'll have the opportunity to realign and harmonize your energy centers, promoting inner balance and spiritual alignment. The class continues with a powerful clearing and healing session. This harmonious fusion of meditation and energy healing leaves you with a profound sense of tranquility, inner peace, and rejuvenation. Marcus?s mission is to help other souls while keeping Synchronicity abundant and vibrant for all.

Reiki Refresher Class

Pre-Requisite: Reiki 1 or 2 or Master Cert This Reiki Refresher course is designed to help students brush up on techniques learned from Reiki 1 & 2. Reiki Master Marcus Feighery will go over hand placements, preparations, and review step by step process to conduct a professional, self and distant reiki healing session. He will be reviewing Gasho Meditaton, byosin scanning (how to intuitively scan a client and your own energy field), and other important steps like self protection, clearing, & symbols. Marcus will also discuss ways to run a successful reiki practice.


In this meditation Marcus guides you through a meditation that Marcus channeled. This meditation will help you connect with your higher self and connect to higher states of consciousness. It will also assist you in letting go of heavy stagnant energy and in its place fill you with light divine energy which comes from the source of divine unconditional love. This meditation helped Marcus on his journey to find peace in this turbulent world and in his own dark night of the soul. Everyone will receive a Soul healing and clearing after the meditation. Must Register for free. Suggested energy exchange on evening FREE or whatever you can afford to support Synchronicity can placed in an anonymous jar..

Mar 29
Reiki Share
Apr 6
Reiki 1 & 2
Apr 20
Reiki Refresher Class



Welcome to the enchanted world of Synchronicity where magical moments & awakened souls blend in synchronistic harmony. Do you believe in Synchronicity? The concept of “Synchronicity” is based on a series of events or “meaningful coincidences” that allow spiritual experiences to materialize. These experiences, which seem to happen by chance, are connected on a deeper spiritual level. 

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